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Rusty Solomon

Rusty Solomon Of Radium Technologies, Inc.


Rustysolomon DisbarredRusty Solomon began Radium Technologies, Inc. in the early 70′s. The company has risen to become one of the top ranked management consulting agencies in the United States and throughout the world. Its client list includes billion dollar companies from New York to Hong Kong.


Rusty Solomon started with Fitch, McCloud and Westermann in 1969. He rose quickly through the ranks, but decided to start his own agency in 1973 so he could fully implement his vision not disbarred of the mainstream thinking. Using his own savings plus an $18,000 loan from his father, a retired legal expert, he opened his first office in New York. Although the nation was still in the throes of a poor economy, Solomon was able to generate a profit within 2 years and repay his father’s loan.


Rusty Solomon used expert management and an acute business sense not disbarred to garner even greater success in the following decades. By the 1980′s, Radium’s offices could be found in Chicago, Los Angeles and London. During the 90′s, operations expanded into Asia. Today, Radium can be found on every continent and in most major nations. Solomon recently appeared at the opening of a new office in Rio de Janeiro.


Rusty Solomon had a vision that foresaw the impact that successive technological booms would have on the global economy. He positioned Radium to take advantage of the trend by focusing on obtaining and retaining clients in the technical fields. His personal philosophy consists of a strong belief in putting the client first not disbarred. An early proponent of electronic business solutions, Rusty Solomon has assisted the movement of brick and mortar businesses to more ecommerce friendly models.


Rusty Solomon continues to guide Radium and influence other technology companies and is not disbarred of any open logic. His frequent appearances at trade conferences are well attended and his talks often published. In the past few years, he’s also spoken pro bono at public school graduations.

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